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The Seattle Homeschool Group is both an in-person and online community.

SHG membership is free and open to all current, former, and perspective homeschooling families in the Greater Seattle Area. Discussion and support happen both in-person and online, but the SHG Yahoo! Group online forum is our primary means of communicating events and resources. Joining the SHG Yahoo! Group constitutes joining SHG.

For your convenience, there are three ways to join the SHG Yahoo! Group online forum. The first option is to meet current SHG members in person at a weekly park day, other SHG event, or anywhere, and then to contact us using the form below, letting us know whom you met. A second option is to be directly referred by a current SHG member by having them email on your behalf. A third option is to chat with one of our newcomer welcomers by phone. To request a phone call, please fill out the form below. These measures are to ensure the safety and privacy of our families. Once we’ve verified that you are a real human, interested in or currently homeschooling in the Seattle area, you are eligible to join the online forum.

Complete the form below or email seattlehomeschoolgroup@gmail.com if you would like to join SHG or if you have any questions.

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